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    Lady Gaga Talks Her New Collaboration With Dom Pérignon

    Celebrating the latest phase of her collaboration with champagne house Dom Pérignon, Lady Gaga shared her insight on their new film commercial for Wallpaper Magazine and ElPais.

    You can read an excerpt of the interviews below:

    "I spent all day today making art. All I did was create all day long, and I just stared at it and listened to it and just worked… It is a labour of love. And it’s important to do that because it’s a real privilege to make art. So you have to work hard because some people don’t have the privilege. [...] I'm actually really interested in living more of a life of solitude. It's really nice to just have time to be alone, and be expansive, and know that you're enough. I wish I could tell my younger self that. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time alone writing music. But the more successful I became, the more I felt like I needed other people to tell me I was great."


    Lady Gaga by Mario Sorrenti

    Gaga touched on subjects such as the power of culture and her views on the future as well:

    "If I wasn't successful in the way that I am today – I'm very grateful for my success – I'd still be doing it, I'd be on the Lower East Side. I would do it no matter what. Absolutely, 100 per cent. I know that because I actually don't spend a lot of time in Hollywood. I might look like I do, because sometimes award season happens and you see me on red carpets. But I'm very much at home working… that's the thing that really makes me happy."


    Lady Gaga by Mario Sorrenti

    She also recalled how was becoming famous before the digital era:

    "I think there's a difference between doing artistic things and then being in an art culture, I mean, an art culture, artists spending time together, talking to each other, creating together. It's not about status, it's about work. I wish I could give all the artists in the world the opportunity to live a week of my life. When I was 18 years old, on the Lower East Side I had many artist friends and nobody knew who we were except for each other. And we used to put on shows in venues just for each other and show our works, like paintings, photographs, poems, music, performing arts. And no one, no one, knew who we were. We didn't have social media, we just had Myspace."


    Lady Gaga by Mario Sorrenti

    At the core of Gaga's involvement with the champagne brand is "the power of creative dialogue", a concept that has fuelled their partnership since its inception. Speaking to the current climate of art and culture, she is quoted as saying that they're "having a hard time at the moment", and that "there's a difference between making artistic things and then being in an artistic culture... It's not about status, it's about the work."

    The new campaign starring Lady Gaga is celebrating the company's 2013 vintage. It was directed and composed by Woodkid, choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, and styled by Nicola Formichetti, and photographed by Mario Sorrenti

    You can find the whole interview HERE and HERE.

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