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    DJ White Shadow "no skips" ARTPOP Party Recap

    The Scarlet Bar in Chicago hosted their "no skips" ARTPOP party, and ARTPOP's main producer DJ White Shadow was in full attendance. 

    White Shadow told stories about the creation of Lady Gaga's 2013 album ARTPOP, and reassured fans of his excitement of a potential sequel album.  

    He opened the night by reminiscing about Lady Gaga's own thoughts on the ARTPOP movement as she claimed that many weird things have been occurring during the pandemic. White Shadow then humorously turned to the audience and said "I don't think these things are happening because of the pandemic. I think they are happening because we made a great record." 

    As the album played, he revealed small stories in between each of the songs. He revealed that the tracks opening song, Aura, was meant to be ARTPOP's lead single. In addition he shared a sentimental story about how Venus is one of the songs Lady Gaga plays when she's in a bad mood because "it gets her hyped."

    Throughout the night DJ White Shadow also gave more humurous stories about ARTPOP and its creation, including the origin story behind one of its most experimental songs, Jewels N Drugs.  

    There was some jewelry and weed on the table on the tour bus and Lady Gaga asked Tara Savelo to pass her the weed, but she passed her the bracelet instead. Gaga told Tara "I don't want the jewels, I want the drugs."

    Fans approached White Shadow as he took pictures and signed their merchandise throughout the night. 


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