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    Sasha Velour Interviews Lady Gaga about The Chromatica Ball

    RuPaul's Drag Race winner Sasha Velour interviewed Lady Gaga about her concert special GAGA Chromatica Ball ahead of its premiere in May.

    You can watch the interview below.


    "Chromatica, for me, is an ending and a beginning at the same time," Gaga said. 

    While Gaga recalled the songwriting process for Chromatica as being both thoughtful and filled with anxiety, she called the tour a "total liberation." 

    "It was like every faculty that I have when it comes to being an imaginative person just came back full throttle," Gaga said. 

    Gaga said her performances and music are inspired by her fans, and the Chromatica Ball film is no different. 

    "The way that this film was put together was designed to show the fans everything," Gaga said. "The fashion, the art direction, the films that were shown, the beautiful hair and makeup, was all a part of what Chromatica was all about." 

    When asked if the Chromatica Ball tour allowed her to examine new parts of herself, Gaga said her biggest challenge when it comes to reinvention is to slow down.

    "Sometimes I want to transform so much that I am just, like, a loose cannon," Gaga said. "All the fans know exactly what I'm talking about." 

    Despite this, the tour helped her understand that she's always an artist, even when she's in between projects. 

    "I get to be an artist every day, and whatever my reinvention is, is a part of that," Gaga said. 

    To close the interview, Gaga teased a little bit of what to expect from her new music. 

    "I have just been in the studio all the time, and I'm making a lot of music," Gaga said. "It's just this incredibly vast experience that I just feel so lucky that I get to have. I'm excited for Monsters to hear where I am now and be connecting on that level again." 

    GAGA Chromatica Ball is available to stream on Max and Warner Pass. 

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