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    Joker 2 Extra Shares Behind the Scenes Story About Lady Gaga

    Actress Heather Cowles shared a behind-the-scenes story about her experience with Lady Gaga on the set of "Joker: Folie à Deux".

    Initially hired as an extra portraying one of the "mental patients in music therapy class," presumably in Arkham Asylum from the fictional Gotham City, the actress was later upgraded to a principal role for several scenes and received the opportunity to film multiple scenes with Lady Gaga, including musical numbers.

    "We started out as backgrounds in music therapy class, then the ADs came out on the first day we worked and said, 'Change of plans, they’re actually going to record you guys with the earpieces in your ears.' We [got upgraded and] became principals the first day we worked on it. They had us record three different songs—all Judy Garland songs—and Lady Gaga is with us in the same class."

    During the same interview, the actress also expressed her admiration for Gaga's kindness and professionalism on the set of the Joker sequel, adding:

    "She hung around us the entire time. I don’t think the director told her to do any of this, but I’m sitting here and she’s sitting there and she gets up, sings her song and we’re all standing and she comes over and hugs and kisses me while she’s singing her song. She went by the name Stefani instead of Gaga. How she worded it was, 'If it was Gaga, no one would pay attention to me and no one would talk to me.' Once she said 'My name is Stefani', everyone was talking to her. She participated in everything. It was just herself."

    "Joker: Folie à Deux" is set to hit theaters in October of this year, with a highly anticipated trailer expected to be released very soon.


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