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    Lady Gaga Host Clinuvel Event At Her House

    Lady Gaga hosted an important business event at her house in Malibu last night.

    The artist opened her home to many members and illustrious investors of Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative treatments for patient populations with a clinical need for systemic photoprotection, DNA repair, and acute or life-threatening conditions.

    The event was organized to celebrate and present the company's latest discovery: the first treatment for vitiligo, an autoimmune condition that causes loss of skin color.

    The event was organized to present the Photomedicine Foundation, which will count Lady Gaga's boyfriend Michael Polansky as a trustee. According to Yahoo! Finance: "The initiative will help those most affected by debilitating conditions related to the sun. Through the Foundation, CLINUVEL is taking its world-leading expertise directly to communities who cannot afford care or treatment. The foundationโ€™s mission is to support vulnerable patients at extreme risk of photodamage and skin cancer in Africa, Middle East and Latin America."

    Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Michael Polansky, who is also a co-founder of Sean Parker's Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, hosted the event in Lady Gaga's garden in Malibu.

    image.png image.png




    Earlier on the same day, Lady Gaga held a speech at the Upfront Summit. The annual event hosts many investors, entrepreneurs, and leaders for an invitation-only event in Los Angeles, and Gaga was one of the speakers, sharing her experiences as the founder of her beauty brand, Haus Labs.


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    Great job and beautiful event! Good luck to you, beautiful Lady Gaga!

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