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    Fortnite Explained and How to Get the New Lady Gaga Items

    What is Fortnite? If you're like Lady Gaga and have no idea what this game is about, why Lady Gaga is on it, or how to receive the already-iconic Chromatica-themed assets, we're here for you! In this guide, we're going to answer all your major questions and help you download and play the game everyone is talking about in your timeline.

    So, What's Fortnite?

    Fortnite is an online video game that became popular back in 2017 with its "Battle Royale" matches. The game idea is straightforward: 100 players start the game together on a bus floating above an island. Once the initial countdown reaches zero, the players must jump off the bus and fly somewhere on the map. Once you touch the ground, you have to start looking for resources and weapons to equip yourself and eliminate all the other players. The goal of the game is to be the last player alive on the map, just like The Hunger Games. Obviously, you can't just hide in a bush forever; the deathly poisonous fog will slowly shrink and surround the whole island until all the players but one is dead.

    What does Lady Gaga have to do with a shooting game?

    Fortnite is not just a shooting game. Inside Fortnite, there are hundreds of different game modes, vastly different from the famous Battle Royale mode that made the platform famous. One of these modes is called the Fortnite Festival. Basically, it's a PC-keyboard version of Guitar Hero, where players can play their favorite tracks by tapping the keys on the keyboard to match the beat of the song. Even more recently, LEGO announced a collaboration with Fortnite, releasing a new game mode called LEGO Fortnite, where players can meet online and try to survive on a dangerous island by building their village.

    All these new game modes are highly customizable with skins, emotes, and objects to change the players' appearance, and this is where big artists started collaborating with the platform.

    Back in 2020, Travis Scott was announced as the platform's first major collaboration with an artist. The rapper performed an exclusive concert inside the game. Later on, Ariana Grande did the same.

    Recently, The Weeknd joined the list of featured artists as the first major collaboration of the "guitar-hero mode" called Fortnite Festival. Multiple digital assets, including the singer's model and his songs, were obtainable by playing multiple Festival Matches. Just like The Weeknd, Lady Gaga is the current major featured artist of the Fortnite Festival Mode.

    So is there gonna be a Lady Gaga concert?

    Unfortunately, no. Lady Gaga is only featured as the "theme" of the new Fortnite Festival bundle. She will not perform in the game.

    How do I play? And how much does it cost?

    Fortnite is FREE. You can download it on your Windows PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch console. Unfortunately, due to annoying legal issues, Mac users can't download the game. If you have an Apple device and you want to play Fortnite, you can use a Cloud Gaming platform such as Nvidia GeForce Now or Xbox Cloud.

    If you have a PC, you can download the game from the Epic Store website. Make sure to download the whole  Fortnite platform, not just the Battle Royale mode.

    Console users can download the game from their usual online game store.

    Once you download the game (it might take some time because the game file is very large), you can find all of Lady Gaga's items featured on the main page, or simply by clicking on the Shop Tab.

    What Lady Gaga items can I unlock if I play the game?

    This is the list of items that you can unlock in the game:

    Skins: Lady Gaga Chromatica Armor, Gaga Enigmatic Skin, Lady Gaga LEGO Chromatica Armor, Chromatica Back Blings.

    Jam Tracks: Applause, Bloody Mary, Just Dance, The Edge of Glory, Bad Romance, Poker Face and Stupid Love.

    Emotes: Kindness Punk, Rain Check.

    Instruments/Weapons: Chromatica Bass, Chromatica Microphone, Chromatica Guitar, Chromatica Keytar.

    Layout: Lady Gaga's album loading screen.

    You must obtain the Fortnite in-game currency V-Bucks to get the exclusive Lady Gaga items. You can get them by spending real money from the V-Bucks shop. 1000 V-Bucks cost around 8$.

    All the items above, besides the Festival pack exclusives and the jam tracks, can be purchased in a bundle, currently at 3000 V-Bucks.

    The items highlighted in blue above are not obtainable unless you purchase the "Festival Pass" as well for 1800 V-Bucks.


    Most of Lady Gaga's Jam Tracks are free to play in the Fortnite Festival mode, but once the special event ends on April 22nd, all the festival pass items (the blue ones above), besides the Jam Tracks, will not be obtainable anymore.

    Users will still be able to purchase Lady Gaga's tracks from the shop after the event is over.

    Once you purchase the Fortnite Festival Pass, you have to play multiple matches in Festival mode to unlock all of the pass-exclusive items in the second row.


    Another way to receive V-Bucks is by purchasing the Battlepass for 950 V-Bucks, In this way, you will unlock in-game challenges to earn V-Bucks while you play. This will reward you with only 1500 V-Bucks if you reach the level 125. We highly discourage you from choosing this way unless you wanna play a lot.

    Okay, I downloaded the game, now what?

    Once you start the game, you can jump right in and play with Lady Gaga's tracks by clicking on the Fortnite Festival: Main stage game. From there you can decide if you want to invite up to 3 friends or play on your own. Once the game starts, calibrate the input of your keyboard, go to the main organ, and select the tracks you want to play. You can choose between: main track, bass, drums, and vocals. You can switch your selection by pressing the keys listed on the corner of your screen. Don't forget to select the right difficulty for you. Once you're ready, press the button to join the game, and enjoy!

    If you wanna play the Battle Royale game, simply go back to the main menu and select Battle Royale. Join the game, pick a nice location on the map, collect resources and weapons, and kill everyone. Don't forget to invite some friends if you need some backup!

    Want something more chill and relaxing for your day? Go back to the main page and select LEGO Fortnite! A Minecraft-inspired game where you can build your village and create your community in a peaceful, yet challenging Lego land.

    If you like the game, you can now click on the SHOP tab on FORTNITE's main page and purchase V-Bucks to customize your in-game experience with some of Lady Gaga's cosmetic items!

    We hope you enjoyed this guide, make sure to have fun, and let us know if you have more questions, and don't forget to spread kindness (but also try to win).

    The LGN Team.

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