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    Lyrics For Lady Gaga & The Rolling Stones New Song Published

    Check out the full lyrics for the upcoming Lady Gaga and The Rolling Stones song Sweet Sounds of Heaven.

    Their new collaborative song is described as a "show-stopping almost spiritual conclusion as Lady Gaga goes toe to toe with Mick Jagger". The song also features Stevie Wonder on piano.

    I hear the sweet, sweet sounds of heaven.
    Falling down, falling down to this earth.
    I heard the sweet sweetest sounds of heaven.

    Drifting down, drifting down to this earth.

    Bless the father, bless the son.
    Hear the sound of the drums
    as it echoes through the valley and it bursts.
    Let no woman or child go hungry tonight.
    Please protect us from the pain and the hurt.
    Yeah. I smell the sweet scents the sweet scents of heaven.
    Tumbling down, tumbling down to the earth.
    I hear the sweet sounds, the sweet sounds of children.
    And they're praising the land of their birth.
    No, I'm not, not going down in the dirt. I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna cry.

    Eat the bread, drink the wine.
    Cause [...] finally quenching [...].
    You can't have a light without a little shadow.

    Always need a target for your bow and arrow.

    I want to be drenched in the rain of your heavenly love.
    Let the music play loud, let it burst through the clouds.

    And we all feel the heat of the sun. Yeah.

    Let us sing let us shout. Let us all stand up proud. Let the old still believe that they're young.
    Sweet sweet sound.
    Sounds so sweet. Sounds so sweet. Heaven. Heaven. Falling down to this earth.
    I hear the sweet sweet sounds of heaven. Coming down falling down to the earth. Oh yeah.
    Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Hear the gods laughing from above.
    Falling down falling down to this earth. Let me lay down and sleep. Heaven. Heaven.


    Lady Gaga is featured on the band's new album Hackney Diamonds out on October 20th.


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