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    Critics Praise Lady Gaga & The Rolling Stones

    Music critics are praising Lady Gaga's heavenly vocal delivery on The Rolling Stones new record "Sweet Sounds of Heaven" with Stevie Wonder.

    Neil McCormick from UK's The Telegraph gave a 5 out 5 star review saying that "Jagger and Gaga are on astonishing, exultant form", adding:

    "But the outstanding thrill of this performance is yet to come, as it builds to a huge climax and reaches a powerful conclusion after five minutes, only for Jordan to pick up the beat again. Gaga laughs and joins in, trilling the chorus melody, producer Andrew Watt adds a bass line and Jagger calls “Play me something, Stevie”, inspiring Wonder to weigh in with lubricious piano."

    Ed Potton from The Times UK wrote another 5 star review calling the record "a jam session for the gods, adding:

    "Sweet Sounds of Heaven sounds like a band at the peak of a jam session for the gods: loosened up, euphoric and effortlessly bouncing off each other. And what a band it is. Lady Gaga holds her own against a rejuvenated Mick Jagger on vocals, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood turn the clock back to their pomp, Steve Jordan impressively replaces Charlie Watts on drums and a certain Stevie Wonder plays sublime piano, Fender Rhodes and Moog."

    Gil Kaufman from Billboard said:

    "Lady Gaga goes to church and skies up into her highest, most soulful register on the new Rolling Stones gospel blues burner “Sweet Sounds of Heaven. The song eventually rises to a joyous riot of guitar, drums, saxophone and keyboards more than five minutes in, building to a pair of joyous peaks as Jagger and Gaga get entangled in a growly soul shout-off."

    Kristina Baum from The Rolling Stone Germany wrote:

    "Sweet Sounds of Heaven” is a more soulful number that builds up into a pompous number with a big band feel – also thanks to Lady Gaga’s vocal power."

    Joey Nolfi from EW said:

    "Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, and the Rolling Stones spent more than seven minutes in heaven together on their new song, and now they've finally shared its sweet sounds with the world — including a new vocal style from Gaga unlike anything you've heard from her before."

    Kaelen Bell from Canadian Exclaim wrote:

    "Gaga is clearly channelling some Merry Clayton-esque, background-singer-who-steals-the-show bravura in her wailing delivery. It's a pretty solid song for a band in their sixth decade! Gaga adds some real electricity to the thing, and you just know she had fun in that studio trading "oh yeahs" with Jagger."

    Carys Anderson and Eddie Fu from the Consequence of Sound said:

    "Jagger is then joined by Gaga, who at first delivers restrained backing vocals on the second verse before letting it all hang out on the chorus."

    Cillea Houghton from American Songwriter wrote:

    "The bluesy tune proves that rock and roll and soul music can live harmoniously. Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger takes lead vocals while Gaga turns into a bonafide soul singer as Wonder shows off his musicianship by playing piano and the Moog synthesizer."


    'Sweet Sounds of Heaven' is the second single from The Rolling Stones album 'Hackney Diamonds' out on October 20.

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