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    Lady Gaga Shares Beauty Details In A New Interview

    Lady Gaga gave an interview to Refinery 29 talking about Haus Labs' new concealer, her beauty routine, and dealing with insecurities.

    Gaga delved into details speaking about how they made the new Haus Labs concealer:

    "We have to put inside of it all the 21 ingredients that are in the foundation so that you’re treating your skin and treating the redness on your face. We packed it with a biotech-caffeine that was derived with Ayurvedic medicine and in two weeks, underneath the eyes, you’ll visibly see that you’ve depuffed the eyes. We’ve done a ton of studies to show this. It’s amazing."

    She also shared parts of her daily beauty routine:

    "I wash my face in the morning and I’ll do a ton of toners, I’ll do serums, I’ll do all sorts of things on my skin and then I’ll end with moisturizer and sunscreen — I use a moisturizer that’s also a sunscreen. And then after, I’ll take the concealer and I’ll either put it on the areas I want to conceal and then I’ll use my fingers and tap it in."

    In the end, Gaga concluded how she feels about makeup while getting older:

    "I think makeup is powerful because if you feel concerned about getting older, like I am, you have makeup to be there for you to build your confidence. But I’m 37 and I feel more confident than I have in my whole career. It’s just because I love more things about myself than I did when I was younger. When I was younger, I loved fashion and I loved beauty, but I cared less about how my whole life came together and now it’s the person inside me that I know is truly the really valuable part of me and everything else is just an extension of that."

    You can read the full interview here.

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