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    RedOne on How He Changed Pop Music with Lady Gaga

    Legendary producer Nile Rodgers interviewed RedOne during his latest radio show "Deep Hidden Meaning Radio,” where the two discussed RedOne's career and how he managed to change pop music with the help of Lady Gaga.

    The interview started with Nadir Khayat (aka RedOne) recalling how much he struggled when he arrived in the United States from Sweden with his family. After his first big deal, he got offered to work with an unknown artist who was recently dropped from her record label. That's when he met Lady Gaga.

    As soon as they met, RedOne and Lady Gaga wrote "Boys, Boys, Boys" on their way to the studio. As soon as they reached the studio, they joined forces to create a never-heard-before sound. RedOne introduced Lady Gaga to the style of Swedish singer Leila K, which they later used as inspiration to create Lady Gaga's first album: The Fame.

    RedOne then recalled those studio days like "Magic." The inspiration and passion between him and Gaga were so strong that they managed to write one song each day, first “Just Dance,” then “Poker Face,” then “LoveGame.”

    Nile told him how their artistic collaboration recalled him of the one he had back in the days with Madonna, looking at the similarities and how they both changed the landscape of music forever thanks to their determination and outstanding talent.

    After the incredible success of their first collaboration, RedOne's label pushed him to follow Gaga around the world during her tours to produce more music. RedOne defined Gaga as "unstoppable" because she was writing music all the time even on the tour bus: that's where they wrote one of the biggest hits of all time: "Bad Romance."

    RedOne calls "Bad Romance" a rock song dressed as a "Pop" one. They were so inspired by the creation of the music that they ran to a studio in Holland to record it as quickly as possible. After working with other artists like Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and Nicki Minaj, RedOne wrote another hit song for Lady Gaga "Judas."

    You can hear the full interview of RedOne and Nile Rodgers on Apple Music.

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