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    Lady Gaga's Second Day On The Set Of 'Joker: Folie à Deux' In New York

    For the second consecutive day, Lady Gaga was seen on the set of "Joker: Folie à Deux” in New York, portraying Harley Quinn in a new costume.


    Gaga was spotted in the same location as yesterday, but wearing a different costume, this time with a black coat and the same geometrical tights. Gaga's character had a slightly different hairstyle and she lacked the subtle yet very poignant makeup she was wearing yesterday.

    In a few fan videos taken on location, Gaga is seen climbing the stairs and kissing a woman after being told, “You’re going to hell!” The woman was seen holding a newspaper with headlines "Crazy in Love" and "Joker has a new love" with Harleen Frances Quinzel's mugshot from the Arkham State Hospital, hinting at the lunatic nature of the Joker and Harley relationship from the comics.

    FotoJet.jpg    3e1af4fa-6740-44c9-a5e6-161c2aad294b.jpg

    The highly anticipated Joker sequel, starring Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix, recently moved production from Los Angeles to New York for some outdoor scenes, such as the ones Gaga filmed these past few days. The movie is expected to be released in October 2024.

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