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    Lady Gaga Talks Her Relationship With Music And Makeup With ELLE Canada

    ELLE Canada interviewed Lady Gaga about her beauty evolution and her makeup brand, Haus Labs.

    In the interview, Lady Gaga shared her insights on self-care, her relationship with beauty and skincare, and discussed her beauty brand, Haus Labs. You can read part of the interview below:


    Asked about where her love for skin science comes from, Gaga replied:

    “As a kid, I always watched my mom take care of herself, and she was vigilant about her morning skincare routine, a beautiful makeup routine and makeup as self-care. When I started this brand, I knew I wanted it to be inclusive. ...there was this huge problem in makeup: When you wear it all the time, it wrecks your skin. I wear a lot of makeup because I’m a performer, so I wanted to push myself in this space. What got me so into skin science was my love of taking care of my own skin."

    Gaga also added this about her beauty evolution and her relationship with music and makeup:

    “When I was a teenager, I was really self-conscious and I loved makeup and the way it helped give me some type of superhero cape. ...I went to a school where it wasn’t really okay to express with your physical appearance. So I really started screaming [about who I was] when I got out of school. Then I got deeper and deeper into music and started to create these various personas for myself with makeup, and they all felt natural. For me, makeup was a way to be whomever I wanted to be at any given moment and say the things on the outside that I was feeling on the inside—but not with words. Instead of telling people who you are, you’re showing them.”

    Gaga then once again mentioned her love for the fans, saying:

    “We love our fans so much, and we just want to make everyone happy by delivering high-quality products that really enhance the artistry experience and the beauty experience. So, for me, there’s always that warmth in my heart when I see the makeup make somebody’s day.”


    You can read the full interview HERE.

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