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    DJWS and Nick Monson Tease Plans For ARTPOP's Anniversary

    In a recent interview, ARTPOP producers DJ White Shadow and Nick Monson said "we do have some things we can do" regarding Lady Gaga's 10 year ARTPOP anniversary and the possible ARTPOP Act II.

    Speaking to Carson Mlnarik for MTV's article titled Lady Gaga's 'Artpop,' Misunderstood In Its Time, Foretold Pop's Future they teased their plans for the album's upcoming 10 year anniversary in November.

    Blair and Monson were the most prominent writers and producers on Lady Gaga's ARTPOP, serving as the co-writers and co-producers of the vast majority of the tracks on the record.

    DJ White Shadow confirmed to MTV his intentions on honoring the record, as he stated on his social media back in November 2022, saying:

    "If it were only [Gaga, me, and the fans] involved, then we’d have ARTPOP Part 8. I think she’s here for it… It might not be exactly what you think it’s going to be, but we do have some things we can do." He said, echoing a promise he made on Instagram that he “will have something special” for the fans in time for the record’s 10th anniversary.

    Talking about the controversial "Do What You Want" track, DJ White Shadow also mentioned:

    “I wish we would’ve put the song out without him, because it was still my favorite song [on the album] without him. Maybe for the 10-year, I’ll see if I can suggest resurrecting the demo for that one.”

    Monson as well talked about the possibility of the long awaited ARTPOP Act II adding:

    “Ten years after the fact, I think that she’s happy that she made it. And as for an Act Two? If the fans want something, I would be very, very surprised if she doesn’t give them something. But don’t bombard the poor lady. ”

    You can read the whole interview here.

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