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    ARTPOP Celebrates a Decade with Exclusive Japanese Anniversary Edition

    Lady Gaga's iconic album, ARTPOP, is set to mark its 10th anniversary with a special edition exclusively released in Japan on December 6.

    An exclusive pop-up shop will open at the Universal Music Store Harajuku in Shibuya, Japan from November 30th to December 10th. Fans will be able to purchase the exclusive ARTPOP The 10th Anniversary Edition, featuring a new DVD and 3 added remixes of Applause. The first buyers will also be able to purchase an exclusive poster and 2024 calendar.


    The centerpiece of this commemorative edition is a new DVD that takes fans on a trip down memory lane. Included in the DVD is footage from the press conference held in Tokyo in December 2013. This rare glimpse into Lady Gaga's engagement with the Japanese media offers fans a chance to witness the artist's thoughts and emotions during a pivotal moment in her career.

    Adding to the allure of the anniversary edition is the inclusion of footage capturing Lady Gaga's arrival at Tokyo’s Narita airport in 2014. Fans will be able to relive the excitement and energy surrounding Gaga's visit to Japan, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the artist's experiences in a country that has consistently embraced her unique style and musicality.

    ARTPOP The 10th Anniversary Edition will also include 3 additional remixes: Applause (Dj White Shadow Electrotech Remix), Applause (Viceroy Remix), and Applause (Empire of The Sun Remix).

    The decision to release this exclusive edition in Japan underscores Lady Gaga's special connection with her Japanese fanbase. Over the years, Gaga has garnered immense popularity in Japan, and this anniversary release serves as a token of appreciation for the unwavering support from Japanese fans.

    As the 10th-anniversary edition graces the shelves of Japanese music stores, it provides an opportunity for both longtime fans and new listeners to delve into the magic of ARTPOP. Including exclusive footage adds an extra layer of excitement, making this edition a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

    You can pre-order the limited edition 10th anniversary mini LP of ARTPOP here. International fans can purchase it here.

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