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    Addison Rae Releases Old Lady Gaga Demo: 'Nothing On (But The Radio)'

    An old Lady Gaga demo song titled "Nothing On (But The Radio)" has been rewritten, re-recorded, and released by American actress and singer Addison Rae on her new EP.

    The track was originally offered to Lady Gaga during the recording sessions for Born This Way in 2010. She added a few original lyrics to the song and recorded a demo, but somehow the song didn't end up on the album. Ever since, the demo has been circulating on the web and delighting fans over the years.

    Lady Gaga tried to release the track again, produced by DJ White Shadow, for her album ARTPOP in 2013, changing the title to "Heard It On The Radio." However, the song was scrapped from the final cut since Gaga didn't like how the song turned out.

    The track was recently acquired by Addison Rae, and she released it on her debut extended play AR, which is set to be released on August 18th.

    Since the lyrics were changed, Gaga is sadly no longer credited as the songwriter.

    You can listen to Addison Rae's version of the song on Spotify and Apple Music.

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