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    Lady Gaga Shares Her "Life In Looks" With British Vogue

    Following her joint cover with British and Italian Vogue, Lady Gaga has contributed her "Life In Looks" on British Vogue's YouTube channel. In the special, she surveyed a visual history of some of her most iconic looks, including the meat dress and GRAMMYs vessel.


    Watch the video here: 


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    Such an marvellous video, I could watch this for hours and hours.

    To see her visit her past self is really emotional for me, because it creates this strange connection...

    1. ... between her and us. Because that's what we constantly do, watching and listen to Gaga of previous times. And that's the first time (I think), that we can watch her do the same.
    2. ... between herself throughout time. It feels special because, due to the heterogeneity of the various eras, they seem to exist autonomously from her now-self. The fact that she acknowledges her previous art and repeats statements, like "You can choose to feel famous without approval from the outside", give them ongoing validation.

    Presumably this is just a thing for me, because I am a relatively recent little monster (2019). But the 2. point is really important for me. It sometimes feels like being stuck in the past, when I watch old performances and interviews and find myself admiring a projection of foretime. And this video clears up the confusion a little, but significant, bit.

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    I could listen to her for hours! The fact that she proves she is aware of every detail in each look, for years a lot of people saw her as just a mannequin but in moments like this one she keeps prooving she is a fashion icon and she always knows exactly what she mean.

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