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    Reserve Your Tickets For The Official Chromatica Ball Fan After Party In Paris

    Gibus Club, Universal Music France, Polydor, and Lady Gaga Now are pleased to announce The Official Fan After Party for Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball date in Paris.

    Experience an unforgettable BITCH PARTY event right after Lady Gaga's concert on Sunday, July 24th at YOYO Palais De Tokyo in Paris, with exclusive DJ sets by Guena LG and Damita J.

    In order to get one of the 1400 tickets available, you must pre-order your ticket on yurplan.com.


    Starting June 1st at 6 PM CET you can book one of the following entries:

    Regular Entrance - €15.99 - €25.00

    VIP Table [4 entries]  + 1 Bottle of Superior Alcohol - €180.99

    VIP Table [4 entries]  + 1 Bottle of PREMIUM Alcohol - €200.99

    VIP Table [8 entries]  + 1 Bottle of PREMIUM Alcohol - €400.99



    To attend the event, you must be 18+.

    Location: YOYO - Palais De Tokyo - 13 Av. du Président Wilson


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