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    Muse's Frontman Matt Bellamy: 'I've always been a Gaga Fan'

    Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of British rock and alternative band Muse highly praised Lady Gaga in a recent interview on Apple Music.

    Bellamy gave an interview on Zane Lowe's radio where he shared a moment when he "ripped" Gaga's iconic video sunglasses, that he later often utilized in his performances and music videos.

    "I always have been a monster, I saw her playing in D.C. in like 2007, and from day one I always knew she was a phenomenon. She's an unbelievable talent, the way she creates visuals and the whole theater around the whole thing. She's an amazing pianist, singer, she's better than me on both those things, and I just respect that, she's an amazing songwriter as well."

    He then spoke about the time he brought all the band members to see her live:

    "The rest of the guys were like, ‘What is this? They had no idea. But I was like, this is amazing."

    The frontman then recalled what Lady Gaga said to him the only time they spoke:

    "Oh yeah, I know Muse [...] Rock. That’s a tough genre, man. That’s going to be a tough genre.’”

    Apple Music

    The full interview will be published later today on Apple Music.

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