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    Critics Praise Lady Gaga's 'Hold My Hand'

    Lady Gaga's brand new song Hold My Hand, the theme song for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, is getting a splendid turnout on social media, after the first official screening of the movie at CinemaCon.



    Robert Liefeld, comic-book writer and Academy member:

    Fantastic! Perfect song to close with!

    Lauren Huff, Entertainment Weekly writer and Hollywood Critics Association member: 

    Can confirm that Lady Gaga's Top Gun: Maverick song is a total bop and I cannot wait to hear the full thing.

    Chris Lindahl, IndieWire: 

    Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand” is a seamless piece of the catharsis of this surprisingly emotional movie, a ballad that reminds everyone — not that we needed it — that Gaga is a vocal powerhouse.

    Ruben Nepales, award-winning photojournalist: 

    Lady Gaga's Hold My Hand is a fittingly memorable song to cap the entertaining  Top Gun Movie which I just saw here at CinemaCon. Predicting another hit for Lady Gaga. And a big summer hit in Top Gun Movie.

    Drew Taylor, The Wrap reporter: 

    Also for those wondering, Lady Gaga’s Top Gun Maverick new single is divine. It plays over the closing credits/curtain call (very much like the first movie) and brings home the emotion of finale. Like everything else with this movie, it’s note perfect.

    John Nguyen, Hollywood Critics Association member: 

    The "Hold My Hand" song from Lady Gaga featured in Top Gun Maverick totally fits the theme and feel of the film.

    Jeffrey Harris, Rotten Tomato critic:

    I loved Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand” song featured in Top Gun: Maverick! Really fit the tone of the film.

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