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    Haus Labs Announces New Phase For Brand

    Lady Gaga's beauty brand Haus Labs announced a new phase that is bringing plenty of innovation in its already successful campaign.

    Haus Labs announced that they added more then 60 new team members, including 4 new Vice Presidents, 2 new Sr Directors and 4 newly rebuilt departments (product development, packaging, marketing, creative). New Haus Laboratories Vice Presidents and Sr Directors include people who worked for Prada, Sephora, Kat Von D and Addison Rae.

    The newly announced employees are some of the most experienced and successful professionals in the beauty and retail industry, that will help the brand growth along with the founding members. The mission is to take Haus Labs into a new chapter with the "groundbreaking products, formulations, and packaging".

    New team effort is already paying off since Haus Labs was recently nominated and won several accolades from beauty and fashion press, as well as continued product sell outs for new and core items. 

    Haus Labs was launched by Gaga in 2019 with the mission to spread kindness, bravery, and creativity by providing tools for self-expression and reinvention. Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free, and $1 from each purchase goes to Born This Way Foundation


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