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    Lady Gaga Covers Deadline's Oscar Preview Issue

    Lady Gaga has been revealed as the cover star of Deadline's AwardsLine Oscar Preview issue, and spoke to Antonia Blyth about House of Gucci and her experience as a female actor in Hollywood.


    Lady Gaga by Josh Telles for the cover of Deadline.

    In the interview, Gaga gave insight into her experience as a woman, and specifically a woman in the entertainment industry, stating the following:

    "...I think it's something that a lot of women share in common, this fear of, 'Well, if I'm over 30 and I'm not married, or if I lose my looks at this time, then I'm not going to work anymore.' Or, as an actress in this industry, 'My face has to be frozen in time in order to get a job.'... I think a lot of women can relate to that."

    "People do love to watch women fall apart. But they love to watch women fall apart on film and in television. When women fall apart in real life and are vibrant and passionate, we're called crazy. We're called b*tches. We're told we're too much."

    "I've been called 'spicy' before. I really disliked that, spicy. It's like, what is the flavor of a woman?"


    In regards to how she prepared for her immersive performance as Patrizia Reggiani, Gaga explained, "I put all of the ingredients into a cauldron; I put in the biography of her that I've written, I put in the accent, I put in the script, I put in all of the traumas, I dig through my own library, I contribute my stories. And then I drink the soup, I study the animal. And then I show up on set and Ridley yells action... and I throw it all out the window and just talk to the actor."

    When asked if she would ever consider stepping into a directing role on a film, she replied, "...I'm interested in it, yes, but it's something I would want to practice and to become nuanced and nimble. And I would never want to say that I could be great at something that I was not enough of a student of yet."


    Gaga later revealed that the House of Gucci scene in which Patrizia confronts Maurizio about counterfeit Gucci products actually took place: "He was profiting off of counterfeit Gucci goods and people thought they were buying a copy when they were down in Chinatown, when in fact they were buying a replica that the family was profiting off of."

    To close off the interview, Gaga contemplated what other historical figures she may want to play in the future: "I've always wanted to play Mary Magdalene. I wrote a song about her a long time ago called "Bloody Mary"... all about this woman that was willing to do anything to love who she believed to be the greatest gift to Earth... I guess I'm interested in women's stories."

    Read Lady Gaga's full interview with Deadline here.

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