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    Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball Breaks Box Office Records

    Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball sales at the box office are officially record-breaking.

    According to Touring Data, Gaga's sold out summer stadium tour grossed a total of $112,394,525, with an average gross of $5.6M per show and 833,798 total tickets sold. All 20 dates were completely sold out, but the highest-grossing show to date for Gaga was The Chromatica Ball in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium, which also became the second highest-grossing show of all time, grossing $9.355M.

    With The Chromatica Ball box office numbers, Lady Gaga becomes the 6th most successful live female act and 4th among female artists who debuted this century, as her lifetime revenue surpassed $800 MILLION. She has sold 7.457 million tickets across 578 shows. The Chromatica Ball is now Gaga's third most successful tour with $112M after only 20 shows, as it stands third on the list of her highest-grossing tours, behind The Monster Ball with $227M and Born This Way Ball with $175M.

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