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    Allure Interviews Lady Gaga and Reviews Her New Haus Labs Products

    Allure interviewed Lady Gaga about Haus Labs' new phase and reviewed their upcoming products.


    As the new makeup line by Lady Gaga arrives at Sephora today, the artist and interpreter discussed the process behind her company's rebrand and revealed that she's been using her new products in secret for the latest months.

    "We definitely didn't want anyone to see our new products and know what we were up to. I wore Haus Labs to the SAG Awards, [for] that white eye I had with my Armani Prive white dress. And at the Critics Choice Awards, I wore a Gucci dress and yellow paint on my eyes, and we smoked it out with some eye shadow as well. [...] I did not want it to be about me, or my stage makeup or my red carpet makeup necessarily, even though I have worn these products on stage and red carpets, I wanted this makeup to be unlike any other makeup that's out there and makeup for everyone. So this is supercharged makeup with supercharged ingredients. It's infused with skin care."

    Lady Gaga then discussed the new incredible skin-care formula infused in all the new products:

    "When I started this company people told me you'll never be able to get arnica in anything, maybe in skin care, but never in a product. They told me it was impossible to innovate. But that's not true — you can, you just have to be relentless [...] So it's treating my skin, but it's also a very high-performance artistry product. There's none of that bunchiness you can sometimes get when you use contour. We also don’t do those patchy highlighters. To me, I always want to make sure that people understand that we do not sacrifice performance, but we also don’t sacrifice your values."

    Continue reading the full interview on Allure.com, including the editor's products review.

    You can purchase Haus Labs by Lady Gaga's new products on Sephora.com


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