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    Lady Gaga Talks Chromatica, Love for Sale and House of Gucci With WSJ

    WSJ has just released a new interview with Lady Gaga to discuss all her upcoming (and past) projects. Read an extract from the interview below.

    About Chromatica and Dawn of Chromatica

    Gaga says the remix wasn’t a bone thrown to fans to tide them over until the 2022 tour is announced. “The remix wasn’t strategic—it was love,” she says. “I love young artists and support them. All of them on the album have something to say, and they performed their hearts out.”

    She adds that her transition from one persona to the next is part of her art. “Some people are constantly trying to figure me out,” she says. “I’m trying to figure me out, too. But this is artistry that is boundary-less. This is love that’s boundary-less. If I have love to give and I have a way to give it, I’m going to do it.”

    About House of Gucci

    “I felt the best way to honor Maurizio and Italians was for my performance to be authentic, from the perspective of a woman. Not an Italian-American woman but an Italian woman. Choosing to work in a film that’s set in Italy is where my heart lies,” says the performer, whose birth name is Stefani Germanotta. “When I went over to film this year, every day I was able to plant my feet on the ground and know that I was in a place where my family lived before coming here and working hard so I could have a better life.”

    About Love For Sale

    “I gave my heart to every note of this album. Singing with Tony is the great honor of my life.”

    Read the full interview on WSJ.com

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