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    Mark Ronson Talks About 'Shallow' in New Apple TV Docuseries

    Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson talks about Lady Gaga's Oscar-winning song Shallow from A Star Is Born in the new Apple TV docuseries, "Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson".

    Ronson's series documents the process in creating music. He speaks on what artists will do to reach the best sound possible. In the first episode, "Auto-Tune", Ronson discusses how the human voice is the perfect instrument. He uses Lady Gaga's performance of Shallow as an example. He also discusses how he was not there to produce the song, but was there for the writing process.

    "Shallow is a rare case of a record where I wrote but I didn't actually end up producing. So I was just there in the writing process. It was kind of a blur that day or two days we worked on it. She came into the studio, and I think she sat at the piano first. She's like, "I got an idea." And I think she had a few chords. As soon as she sang that song in that soft broken way and her voice, like all the hairs stood up."

    "The voice, there's nothing in the world like it."

    When asked to auto-tune that voice to hear what it would sound like, Ronson tries it out.

    "I don't know because I don't-- It sounds pretty perfect to me, but we could just try it. See."

    He finds there is nothing for the auto-tune to correct. Lady Gaga's pitch is so spot on and perfect that using auto-tune on the song actually makes it sound off.

    "It's not really doing much at all because her pitch is so on that the auto-tune is not-- it doesn't have anything to correct. You can tell it's just kind of bored."

    The sound system then crashes, and Ronson jokes that it must be saying her voice is already too good.

    "There is no plug-in in the world that can make you do this," Ronson says about Lady Gaga's vocals.


    "Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson" is steaming on Apple TV now. You can view the Shallow clip here, and you can watch the full episode that mentions Lady Gaga here.

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