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    Join the Lady Gaga Now Team

    Here at Lady Gaga Now, we pride ourselves in being the most reliable and up to date social media source for all things related to Lady Gaga. We are now looking for new applicants to join our team of committed and hard working little monsters. The application form will close on Sunday July 25th.

    Qualifications include social media management, writing, moderating forums, and/or artistic ability. 

    Here’s what each role available entails:

    News Editor:

    This is the most demanding position on the team. It requires you to be available most of the time. If you’re working full time, we strongly discourage you from applying for this position. Our news editors must be fluent and/or highly skilled in English, people from the US and UK are encouraged.

    Whenever anything major or Gaga related occurs, there must be an article written in a swift and efficient manor and shared on our Twitter, Instagram, and our website, that is the news editor's main focus and priority. 


    Our creative team is tasked with creating artwork and video edits for Lady Gaga Now. Experience in graphic design, photoshop, Adobe Premiere / Final Cut is highly encouraged if you wish to apply.

    Social Media Manager: 

    The main job of the social media manager is to come up with post ideas that will keep our followers on those platforms engaged with our content. Gaga Now’s audience reaches much farther than Twitter and it’s crucial that our audience on our other social platforms are engaged with our content regularly as well. 

    Forum Moderator:

    Lady Gaga Now has its own online forum with its own community. Our forum is home to many things including online discussions, our incredible GAGAIMAGES archive, as well as all of our articles written by the editors. It’s important that we have people regulating the activities on our forum by its users and ensuring that the forum is active, appropriate, and engaging for everyone. 

    Review the form linked below and tell us about yourself and your experience!



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