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    Lady Gaga Announces "Born This Way" Reimagined

    In honor of the ten year anniversary of Lady Gaga's iconic "Born This Way" album, she has released an exclusive bonus disc featuring LGBTQ+ artists.

    The CD with exclusive packaging and bonus disc, which was confirmed by JustJared days ago, will be released on June 18th, with an expected shipping timeframe in September. Currently, the only known artist on this reimagined version of the album is Big Freedia, who covered Judas. This version of Judas is currently available for streaming

    This album and other merchandise are currently available for preorder in the US only. They are expected to be released internationally soon.

    Other limited time merchandise includes a Born This Way hoodie with the motorcycle album cover, a white Judas tshirt, a Born This Way tshirt that comes in black or white with a photo of Gaga in her prosthetics, another tshirt that comes in black or white but with 2011-2021 on it, Born This Way socks, a pillow, and a rug.

    You can also donate to the Born This Way Foundation when you check your cart out. 

    You can purchase the exclusive reimagined album and other items on Lady Gaga's official website at shop.ladygaga.com

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