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    Jared Leto Talks About His Upcoming Movie With Lady Gaga

    In a recent interview with James Cordon, Jared Leto briefly talked about his upcoming role in Ridley Scott's new movie: Gucci, along with Academy Award winner, Lady Gaga.

    In an interview appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, actor and musician Jared Leto talked about his upcoming plans for 2021. The actor, most famously known for his role as The Joker in Suicide Squad (2016), was casted alongside Lady Gaga in the upcoming Ridley Scott film, Gucci. 

    Back in April of 2020, MGM purchased the rights to the true crime drama centering around the murder of Maurizio Gucci. Lady Gaga will be playing Patritzia Reggiani, Gucci's ex-wife who orchestrated his murder. 

    In his virtual interview with James Cordon, Leto shares: 

    "We're preparing for  a couple of films, we're about to go to this Gucci movie with Lady Gaga and Ridley Scott, and Al Pacino. An amazing cast, Adam Driver. We're about to go to that in Italy..." 

    For more information on the film, click here

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