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    Costume Designer Janty Yates Talks Lady Gaga Fashion in House of Gucci

    Good Morning Vogue met up with House of Gucci costume designer Janty Yates to discuss the fashion for the film. Most notably, the pair talked about the numerous looks that Lady Gaga wore as she portrayed Patrizia Reggiani.

    Yates described Patrizia Gucci's style to be "quite extreme" with an excessive amount of jewels that had her "Christmas tree'd up". Gaga had a plethora of looks for the film. Yates noted that the actress had 54 script days and never once repeated anything, not even an earring. 

    While creating the different outfits that Patrizia would wear in the film, Yates praised Gaga for being a "wonderful collaborator" and for thinking out each minute detail to the nth degree. The pair would make decisions on jewelry and accessories based on the mood of Patrizia in that particular scene. 

    The film follows Patrizia through a drastic character arc that Yates helped demonstrate with fashion choices. The costume designer explained that at the beginning of the story, Patrizia is much younger and more simple with cashmere jumpers and little skirts, to full blown glamour with sequins, full dresses, and being "drenched in jewelry". As the film progresses and we see the end of Patrizia and Maurizio's relationship, Gaga can be seen wearing much "stronger" clothing, including leather jackets and even jeans. Yates said that Gaga was adamant about having her character get more "butched up" and that she wanted to dress like her Italian mother. 

    Watch the full interview here

    The interview included new official stills of Lady Gaga from House of Gucci. 


    The movie, directed by Ridley Scott, is set to be released on November 24, 2021.



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