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    Lady Gaga Talks “House Of Gucci” in New YouTube Interviews

    Lady Gaga sat down for an interview with Hollywood YouTube channels Jake's Takes, Tara Hitchcock, Paul’s Trip to the Movies and Kevin McCarthy to discuss her role in House of Gucci and the impact it had on her.

    The interviews addressed Gaga's life and how acting has influenced her career. She also reflected on her role as Patrizia Reggiani, her artistry, and what her legacy means to her. On her own impact, she stated, "...I don't think about myself as a brand, I think about myself as a person, as a human being, and an artist."

    She also mentioned the impact that the costuming for House of Gucci, designed by Janty Yates, had on her characterization, arguing "...the fashion should be something that is truly a part of the character," and that, "[she] only wore things [Patrizia] wore and in the way she would have styled them."

    When asked about what period of her career she would want made into a film, she revealed that her manager, Bobby Campbell, initiated the documentary Five Foot Two, and that she had nothing to do with its conception: "I trusted him to make something that was powerful because I believe in his ability to support women and make art..."

    Watch the interviews below.






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