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    Reviews Pour In For “House Of Gucci”

    Following the media embargo for House Of Gucci, reviews for the film are now being published. These reviews count towards Metacritic, as well as Rotten Tomatoes. The movie has garnered overwhelmingly positive recognition after the premieres in London, Milan, New York, and Los Angeles. The movie is set to release in theaters in the U.S. on November 24th, and the 26th in the U.K.

    Check out the new reviews below.

    ”…beneath the Ferrari-red snowsuits and wild wiggery, she vibrates with an intensity that often supersedes the sillier bits, every hand clap and espresso-cup tap another brick in a highly GIF-able whole.”

    -Entertainment Weekly

    What a pleasure it is to see Lady Gaga transform from a musician with an artificial stage persona to an earthy and accessible actress, with the acumen to deliver a comic, distinct and distinguished performance.”

    -San Francisco Chronicle

    “…she inhabits Patrizia as an outsider several times over: First as a Reggiani in the Gucci family, then as a woman in the fashion world. Of course, her new relatives never let her forget either of those facts.”


    Lady Gaga comes off the best here, as she modulates her performance based on her screen partners. This allows her to give one of the best ‘movie star’ performances of the year, giving a big performance that never loses sight of the humanity within the character”


    She takes the character of Patrizia seriously: every inflection, every gesture, every minute she is on screen, and the effect ranges from funny to pure pathos.”


    Gaga’s Patrizia is a spitfire, getting her Lady Macbeth on by convincing her husband, who had aspirations to be a lawyer, to look into the family business.”

    -Nashville Scene

    “Lady Gaga is absolutely sublime as the cunning and enigmatic Patrizia... She commands the screen with a confident, assured presence that is both graceful and aggressive.”


    "...the high-gloss and even higher-fashion festival of backstabbing stars Gaga as the woman whose controversial business practices after marrying into the Gucci fashion dynasty included hiring a hit man to deal with her pesky, cheating husband."

    -Chicago Tribune

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