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    “House of Gucci” Premieres in Los Angeles

    House of Gucci held another major premiere event this evening ahead of its wide release, this time in Los Angeles at the Academy Museum.

    Lady Gaga and her co-stars Adam Driver, Al Pacino, and Jared Leto, and director Ridley Scott were on hand to celebrate the film’s return to the West Coast, each of them serving a show-stopping look that they, as a cast, have become known for.


    Gaga sparkled in a stunning golden Valentino gown, serving a tribute to Old Hollywood glamour.

    IMG_5245.jpg      IMG_5246.JPG

    On the red carpet, Gaga revealed her desire to celebrate Italian designers through each of her premiere looks for House of Gucci.

    Gaga also spoke about the creative dynamic she shared with Scott, and how the instantly-iconic “Father, Son, and House of Gucci” line was improvised.

    When asked if she would consider collaborating with Britney Spears, Gaga said “of course!”, and congratulated her on her freedom from her recently-terminated conservatorship.

    House of Gucci hits theatres November 24.


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