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    Oreo Announces the Lady Gaga OREOs Treasure Hunt

    Oreo has just announced a new game: a Lady Gaga OREOs online treasure hunt.

    Starting from today, The OREO official account will post 6 clues on Twitter. Whoever finds them has to tag @OREO #ChromaticaCookieHunt #sweepstakes to gain 1 entry. If you solve each clue, you'll get 6 entries. Full rules. The prize of the game is an package of the exclusive Chromatica Oreos autographed by Lady Gaga herself. There are 50 to be won!


    Lady Gaga shared her announcement of their collaboration on December 2nd. Lady Gaga and Oreo teamed up for the 'Sing It With Oreo' sweepstakes as well as a launch of Chromatica inspired cookies.

    The flavour of the Chromatica Oreos is the same as the classic golden Oreo. But these will have pink outer cookies with a green creme on the inside.

    The Chromatica themed Oreos have been released for a limited time as of January.


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