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    It's A Wrap On "House of Gucci"

    Ridley Scott's upcoming movie, "House of Gucci", has just finished filming in Rome today, May 6th, 2021.

    Just a few months after we saw the first picture of Lady Gaga arriving in Rome (Feb. 24th), "House of Gucci" has wrapped up filming and will now move into post-production.

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    "House of Gucci" tells the story of the murder of Maurizio Gucci, owner of the Italian Luxury Brand 'Gucci,' killed by his former wife, Patrizia Reggiani.

    The first look of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver on set were captured back on March 8th in Bressoney, Italy. It was our first glimpse at the pair in costume as Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci.



    Gaga also posted a behind-the-scenes shot of her and Driver on her socials shortly after with the caption "Signore e Signora Gucci #HouseOfGucci", becoming one of her most successful posts ever on the platform.

    There have been many photos of the pair filming over the course of the past three months, giving us a glimpse at the upcoming film which will tell the couple's story from the beginning of their romance through to Gucci's murder.

    Right after filming at the snowy set in Aosta Valley, the cast moved to Milan to shoot a few scenes in a re-created "New York", as well as other shoots on Piazza Duomo.

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    Just a week later, the cast moved to Lake Como, where we first saw Al Pacino and Jared Leto as members of the Gucci family.



    The cast then moved to Rome, where they shoot most of the movie between the ancient streets and the private studios of CineCittà. Apparently, Lady Gaga also shot various scenes with Drag Queens, in a reconstructed Studio 54.




    The "House of Gucci" author, Sara Gay Forden, revealed in an interview that Lady Gaga will be the narrator of Ridley Scott's upcoming movie, meaning the story will be told from the perspective of Patrizia Reggiani. 

    The first provisional release dates for "House of Gucci" have been released via IMDb.

    In Canada, France, and the USA, the highly anticipated movie is set for a November 24th release. Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands can expect to see the movie in theaters on November 25th, and for the UK, Ireland, and Lithuania, the film should be released on November 26th. Italy will, unfortunately, have to wait a bit longer as "House of Gucci" is not expected to be released there until December 3rd.

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