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    Initial Reviews of "House Of Gucci" Published

    First official reviews for "House of Gucci" are coming out, following the movie's London premiere. The critics are raving about Gaga's performance, calling it Oscar-worthy.


    Lady Gaga's performance got rave reviews from the critics and she enters the Best-Actress race for the upcoming Award season culminating with the Academy Awards in March of 2022. 

    Vanity Fair: A true standout performance here from Lady Gaga, funny and fearless and—crucially, in a movie prone to losing the thread—completely commanding. She centers, even grounds the movie while having a grand time doing so. Accordingly, she’s firmly in the conversation for a second best-actress nomination, but how far she can go largely depends on the movie around her.

    Variety: Gaga checks so many of the boxes of previous Oscar winners for best actress: She’s a beloved pop icon, taking a role that has her playing a sexy, batshit crazy fame and money-seeker. You can just imagine the old-timers saying to each other over cigars, “She’s just like my first wife…”.

    Nikki Novak of Critics Choice: Gaga gives more than a performance - she opens a portal... it's mesmerizing! Talk about a 'marriage story' LG & Adam Driver are an EPIC duo!

    Joel Nolfi of EW: Lady Gaga's earnest, ferocious performance completes her evolution from movie star to mighty dramatic actréss.

    Jazz Tangcay of Gold Derby: Lady Gaga is a revelation as Patrizia. She is a tour-de-force and a powerhouse.

    Erik Davis of Rotten Tomatoes: "House of Gucci" has a definite GODFATHER vibe, rich w/ family betrayal, transformative performances, lots of backstabbing & it's definitely more serious than it is campy. Lady Gaga is incredible, as is Jared Leto, and the story is WILD! The attention to detail is impeccable.

    David Fear of Rolling Stone: It is absolutely criminal how good an actress Lady Gaga is, and how good she is HOUSE OF GUCCI.

    Chris Willman of Variety: I loved the mixture of tones in “House of Gucci.” It doesn’t descend into camp (with exception of Jared Leto's performance, which I enjoyed) but it’s having fun with itself, too. Gaga is wonderful. Screenwriter says he was thinking “Sunset Blvd.” from Norma Desmond’s perspective.

    Ramin Setoodeh of Variety: "House of Gucci" is like ‘Succession’ meets ‘Nocturnal Animals.’ It will definitely earn Lady Gaga her second Oscar nomination for acting. But the entire ensemble is terrific — Driver, Pacino, Leto, Irons and Hayek, who devours every line of dialogue in the film.

    Katie Walsh of LA Times: Lady Gaga's performance in HOUSE OF GUCCI is this alchemy of sheer charisma and presence, power of personality, and commitment to the bit. The way she stares daggers at everyone on screen is terrifying. The more I think about it, the more Patrizia is a true horror villain.

    Perri Nemiroff of Collider: Was pretty riveted by the evolution of the Patrizia/Maurizio relationship in House Of Gucci. Extreme ups & downs but thought it had just enough nuance to keep it human. Driver's great but LadyGaga shines especially bright. Leto has moments but feels like he's in a different film.

    James Kleinmann of The Queer Review: Lady Gaga elevates the movie with an impeccable performance as Patrizia, & Adam Driver & Gaga make for a great screen pairing.

    Chris O'Falt of IndieWire: Big & soapy, this really hit the spot for me. Everything Leto & Pacino do is lol ridiculous, yet nicely balanced with Driver & Gaga’s mannered 50s melodrama turns. Ridley Scott has everyone acting in the same movie, while going big with glorious gusto.


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