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    House of Gucci Filming In Rome (Day 19)

    Lady Gaga has been spotted for another day of filming in Rome for her next film project, House of Gucci. 

    As filming continues for the highly anticipated project, yesterday's filming revealed that the murder scene of Adam Driver (as Maurizio Gucci) was filmed as gunshots were heard on set. Lady Gaga was absent then, but has been spotted once again today. 

    This is her first public appearance since the resurgence of ARTPOP on charts worldwide, and the viral fan petition for the release of its sequel album, ARTPOP Act II.  Lady Gaga is slated to meet up with the album's producer DJ White Shadow after filming in Italy is completed. 


    Lady Gaga and Adam Driver were then spotted later on in different outfits filming more scenes for the movie. 


    Filming for House of Gucci is slated to wrap up this month and the movie will be released in theaters on November 24th.

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