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    Lady Gaga Talks House of Gucci, Chromatica, and Her Dog Sitter's Tragedy on GMA

    Lady Gaga sat down with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America to discuss her new movie House of Gucci, her latest album Chromatica, and the tragic events regarding her dogs that happened earlier this year.

    It’s wonderful to be in the Oscars conversation,” Gaga remarked as Strahan mentioned the Best Actress buzz surrounding her performance as Patrizia Reggiani. “By nature, I’m more competitive with myself than I am with other people, but I feel really blessed and very honoured to be in this movie.”

    The film tells the story of Patrizia Reggiani, played by Gaga, who in 1998 was convicted of orchestrating the murder of her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci (Driver), head of the high-profile Gucci fashion house. When asked about why she had not met Reggiani yet, Gaga said, “I could tell very quickly that this woman wanted to be glorified for this murder… I didn’t want to collude with something that I don’t believe in. She did have her husband murdered.”

    Gaga and Strahan also touched upon her latest studio album, Chromatica, released in 2020. “When I made it, I was pushing myself to write music because I was really sad. I didn’t even want to create. I think that that, as a performer, is a real signal that something’s off.”

    Strahan went on to ask about the tragic incident which saw Gaga’s dogs kidnapped and her dog walker Ryan Fischer shot. “In addition to being so grateful that my dogs are alive, I am grateful that my friend Ryan Fisher is alive,” Gaga responded. “The fact that he was shot was so outrageous and painful, and I pray for his healing all the time”.

    During a speed round, Gaga revealed that the best thing that has happened for her this year is “love”, referring to her boyfriend Michael Polansky. Closing off the interview, when asked what’s next for her, she lovingly remarked, “I’d like to spend the next decades of my life learning how to mobilize myself and those watching to build a kinder and braver world”.

    More of Gaga’s interview with Strahan will be aired this evening on Nightline. You can rewatch the GMA interview below.

    Lady Gaga later joined the cast to do a further interview.


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