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    New York Club Previews Chromatica Remixes

    The Q-Club in New York hosted a special Chromatica party and played the new remix of Lady Gaga's "Replay" featuring Dorian Electra.

    Apparently, other Chromatica songs were played during the night, but it is unclear if they belong to the upcoming official Chromatica Remix Album, since they didn't feature any additional vocals.

    You can hear the snippets below:


    This is not the first time we heard a snippet from the new Remix album; Drag Race winner Aquaria played a snippet of "Fun Tonight" featuring Pabllo Vittar during one of her sets a few days ago.

    Producer BloodPop teased a potential remix album earlier this year, confirming its release for this summer. Since then, many artists confirmed their participation on the album, such as Charlie XCX and Pabllo Vittar. Despite the initial confirmation of a release this month, BloodPop confirmed that the release date will be decided by Interscope.

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