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    Lady Gaga interviewed by BBC News

    Lady Gaga gave another interview for BBC News describing how she used her own traumatic experiences to enrich her brand new role in the upcoming "House of Gucci" movie.

    Gaga spoke to BBC News about tapping into her traumatic past to improve her performance in her role as Patrizia Reggiani.

    She said: "I used all of these memories, all of these traumas, all of these moments in my life. Less of the hustle as part of her character, but more of being assaulted when I was 19 by a music producer, feeling endlessly controlled by men as I continued my career and tried to find my own voice and be in my own empowerment - not power, but empowerment, as a woman. I took from every trigger point that I could find, and I allowed myself to experience - I could cry talking about it - survival mode all the time."

    And then added: "So it was very painful on set because I was constantly working using sense memory. I've been very open about having post-traumatic stress disorder, and I have complex PTSD. So that's not a single incident PTSD, it's multiple incidents. I used all of them at different times in different moments in the script."

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