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    Shallow Re-Enters The UK's iTunes Top 40

    The smash hit from the 2018 film, A Star Is Born, just entered the Top 40 most purchased songs in the United Kingdom. 

    Over the years, Shallow has received tremendous success. First, charting at Number 1 in the United Kingdom and United States, to winning an Oscar. It has been charting almost every single week since its release spending a total inside the top 100 official singles for 89 weeks. During this time it has become the most awarded single of all time and one of the most streamed and downloaded tracks ever. 

    Despite falling from the official singles charts, it has never dropped outside the iTunes Chart 100 in the UK. Before the Christmas season, the movie A Star Is Born was added to Amazon Prime which saw the song lift even higher into the charts but was soon halted by the wave of seasonal favorites swamping Shallow back a bit. Since then, it has seen another rise and it is now at 34 which is it’s highest peak for 2020. It seems Shallow has cemented itself as a permanent hit and is continuing to sell and stream well. The song also hit one billion views earlier in December making it Lady Gaga's second video to do this. 

    Read about how Lady Gaga faired on the United States' Billboard Year-End Charts, click here

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