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    Gagaradio Episode 1: BLOODPOP

    Lady Gaga has released the first episode of GagaRadio, on Apple Music. The first guest is the American DJ and producer, BloodPop.

    The singer talked about the process of creating Chromatica with BloodPop, who is also the executive producer of the album. Gaga also opened up about her personal struggles and the depression she experienced while working on her sixth studio album. 

    "If I'm depressed, If I'm not mentally well I have no style, I have no personality."

    She also said that her latest body of work is also her most personal to date:

    "This is my most personal record that I wrote, even more personal than Joanne." 

    Lastly, Gaga also revealed that when she sings Free Woman, she sings it to the trans community.

    You can listen to the episode on Apple Music or on the player embed in this article. 

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