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    Happy Birthday Mother Monster!

    34 years ago today, a child by the name of Stefani was born into the world, and now, after dominating and reinventing the landscape of pop culture as we know it over the last decade, we just call her Lady Gaga. 

    From our team here at LadyGagaNow, we would like to wish the happiest of birthdays to our one and only, Mother Monster! Serving as our inspiration over the past ten years (and counting) we could not ask for a more positive, kinder, and loving role model to base a fan site around. 

    We are fully aware that right now is a difficult and troubling time for a lot of people around the world, and we would like to help bring some light out of the darkness in celebration of the woman who’s impacted so many of our lives.

    This year, in honor of the birthday girl, we have put together a fan project that will be directly sent to Mother Monster’s team in hopes of giving her a little birthday cheer! 

    To learn more about the project and if you would like to participate, click here

    We look forward to a time where our planet as a whole has healed from this crisis, and can’t wait until we can come together again and celebrate Chromatica. 

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