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    Lady Gaga's Chromatica Fundrager

    Lady Gaga and Paper Magazine threw a Chromatica "Fundrager" on Zoom where all proceeds went to the Marsha P Johnson Institute, an organization that protects and defends the human rights of black transgender people.

    This organization was one of many that Lady Gaga spoke about in a recent Twitter thread in her support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

    The fundraiser, hosted by Zach Campbell and Brendan Jordan, highlighted the talents of many performers and artists such as Purple Disco Machine, Ralphi Rosario, Doss, Dee Diggs, Anz, Juku, and The Ugly One. Attendees in the Zoom call could enter with a code. Various fans entered as well as members of the Haus of Gaga.


    Lady Gaga first made an appearance with a custom studded Chromatica face mask. She was surrounded by an outstanding wardrobe as she danced and did her own hair and makeup.

    She later appeared and danced in a Manzanares fringe bodysuit as a Sceiße remix which transitioned into G.U.Y. played in the background. She brought out a laptop and struck various poses as she continued to enjoy the dance party. She eventually stopped to speak about the event:

    "Hi everybody. I just want to thank you so much for coming. I love you, I love you so much! Thank you, Marsha P. Johnson, for being such an inspiration to so many people." She went on to thank the audience, "Thank you so much for being here tonight. You guys are having so much fun together in the spirit of something so kind and beautiful. I f*cking love you. Please take care of each other tonight."

    She then commemorated Campbell and Jordan for hosting the event, as well as quipped about a quick outfit change.

     "I love seeing you all smiling and dancing, so back to the music because I'm going to do a quick change! Girl, my lace front is about to fall the damn fool off! I did this sh*t myself!"


    Lady Gaga then returned in a pink outfit from the BCALLA Swim with the Tide but Faster Collection to once again praise the performers, hosts, and the cause. She ended her appearance for the event by teasing she was returning to the world of Chromatica.


    Unfortunately the livestream has been taken down from Youtube, but you can still rewatch the full event on PAPER MAGAZINE

    You can learn more about the organization and donate here. www.marshap.org


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