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    Lady Gaga sends Cardi B flowers for winning Billboard ‘Woman of the Year’

    On December 10, 2020, Cardi B won ‘Billboard’s Woman of the Year’ award. Shortly after she received it, a gift from Lady Gaga was delivered to her house. 

    She was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a lovely card that read “Congrats on Woman of the Year! All my love, Gaga.”

    Cardi took to her Instagram story to express her excitement and gratitude: “B*tch, guess who f*cking sent me these f*cking flowers!” She pans over the card and the flowers in the video. Cardi typed the words “I can’t seem to cry ever again” on the screen.


    Cardi B has always made it known that she was a fan of Lady Gaga. The two officially met at the 2019 Grammy Awards. There were even photos taken of the two there, and Cardi seemed ecstatic to meet Gaga.


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