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    Sarah Tanno talks working with Gaga, Haus Labs, AHS & more

    Lady Gaga's makeup artist, long-time friend and Haus Laboratories global artistry director Sarah Tanno opens up the doors of her house and beauty closet to Harper Bazaar's Beauty Stash team where she discusses creating for Haus Labs and Lady Gaga's most iconic transformations in American Horror Story, A Star Is Born, and her Super Bowl halftime performance.

    "This is kinda where it all starts for me. Before I make my mood boards, I like to actually hold and turn the pages of a book" Sarah Tanno reveals to Harper's Bazaar as she points to an image in the book Dior Backstage that served as an inspiration for Gaga's weapon-like Met Gala lashes

    The beauty room is extremely organized, covered in pictures of Gaga's most iconic looks and a mood board that spans the length of an entire wall.

    "Even with Haus Laboratories before I create a collection, sometimes, I make a board to get me in the mood" Tanno adds.

    She goes on to show the golden lashes that acted as a precursor to Gaga's custom Met look, although the real ones are displayed at Haus of Gaga Las Vegas, she says.

    Sarah Tanno has previously won an Emmy for working on Lady Gaga's makeup for the 5th installment of the popular FX series, American Horror Story: Hotel.

    "With Gaga, I get to work in different media for makeup, which I think a lot of people don't get to experience. I get to do TV, film and stage makeup, red carpet makeup, everything you can think of. I've learn so much through all of this, it is such a blessing" Tanno exclaims as she details her experience working with Gaga.

    "Here I keep all the products that I am testing for Haus Laboratories" Tanno says as she promises to show what is in store for the brand to the interviewer and points to a set of drawers in her desk that contain lab samples and approved products for Haus Labs. She sits down, creates looks and sends pictures to Gaga as she tests out the products.

    Tanno reveals that her favorite look that she has done on Gaga is the Super Bowl makeup as she opens up a drawer full of custom eye pieces that culminated in the final set of stickers used for the performance. "I was crying on the filed" Tanno says as she describes the unforgettable moment. Inside the same drawer, Tanno also shows the sticker eyebrows that Jackson Maine peels off Ally in A Star Is Born.

    One of the coolest pieces she has in her beauty room has to be the makeup book that contains the pictures of each of Gaga's 68 original looks from Horror Story from different angles. She reveals that Gaga's makeup looks in Hotel progresses as her love interests change. 

    Working with Gaga, Sarah has also picked up some tips and tricks from the superstar when it comes to makeup. She reveals that using argan oil to remove heavy eye makeup is something she has learnt from Gaga. 

    Watch the interview down below:

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