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    Patrizia Reggiani talks about Lady Gaga's upcoming movie: "I want to disassociate myself"

    Italian national broadcast company RAI, interviewed Patrizia Reggiani about the upcoming Ridley Scott's movie about the assassination of her ex husband Maurizio (Gucci's Grandson). Lady Gaga is scheduled to play Patrizia. 

    When asked about her thoughts about the movie, Patrizia replied that she didn't approve nor was asked about her opinion about the making. 

    Patrizia was tried and convicted of orchestrating her ex-husband’s assassination on the steps of his office in 1995. She served 18 years before being let out of jail in 2016.

    Read the full translation by us below:

    Patrizia Reggiani, did you know that Ridley Scott is about to make a movie with Lady Gaga about your life? How do you feel that they're putting what's happened in a movie?

    I want to disassociate myself from it because I have two daughters. I don't want them to see what happened and relive the situation about their father.

    So you're not happy about this news, I suppose you read about it in the newspapers?

    Absolutely not.

    What are you most afraid of? The fact that your daughters will experience it again?

    Yes, exactly.

    What's your relationship with your daughters today?

    It's nonexistent. They say I'm guilty because I wanted the inheritance.

    You mean that famous contract that said that if something happened to your husband Maurizio Gucci, you'd get a huge amount of money? How much are we talking about?

    Yes that one. I believe almost 1 million Swiss Francs.


    Later during the show, Italian producer and actress Tiziana Rocca shared her meeting with Lady Gaga in Las Vegas during her promotional tour for A Star is Born, saying how Gaga told her how much she loved Italians and how she still wants to prove to be a good actress even beyond music.

    Ridley Scott's movie about Gucci doesn't have a release date yet. Ridley is famous for directing Alien, The Gladiator, Blade Runner, Hannibal and many more.

    Watch the original interview by RAI below.

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