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    Lady Gaga's MET Gala: Behind The Scenes

    Vogue Magazine offers us a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of the intricate process that culminated in Lady Gaga's epic, nearly 20 minute entrance at the Met Gala 2019 in a video recently posted on YouTube. 

    In the video, we get a look into the creative process that went into the designing and the making of Lady Gaga's multilayered outfit as well as the rehearsal of the precisely calculated choreography that turned Lady Gaga's Met appearance into a live-action performance piece. We see the original sketches of the outfits designed by none other than Brandon Maxwell, who describes the entire process as simple and effortless due to the comfort of the decade-long friendship that he shares with Lady Gaga. 

    In case you missed the event you can read the full recap here:

    Lady Gaga also gives details into the various elements featured in her grand parade-like entrance that speak to the humorous and ironic nature of Camp. "It's not raining. So why there are umbrellas? Why? The length of the dress, so dramatic. Why? The length of the eyelashes. Extravagant. Why?" Lady Gaga elaborates. 

    Maxwell's 25-feet neon pink overcoat inspired the child-like attitude seen throughout the entrance, Lady Gaga says as she informs her dancers to channel their inner child and be themselves. "What I love about what we are doing is that it reads like an essay, or a poem. So in line with Susan Sontag's notes [on Camp]." 

    Watch the full behind-the-scenes of Lady Gaga's iconic Met Gala Looks:

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