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  1. Hi everyone ! The Chromatica Ball is supposed to begin in less than 6 months but as you know, with the virus that I'm not gonna name that ruined everything in the world and in the Chromatica universe, do you think it will still happen ? Or do you think it will be cancelled / postponed ?
  2. Omg thank you ! It was my first Gaga concert I'm so lucky for having experienced this live
  3. Hello everyone ! I'm @monsthairr on Twitter and I'm from Paris
  4. Taste !!! The OA is so good I'm so sad and disappointed that they didn't sign for new seasons THEY NEED TO BRING IT BACK I don't know if it's still available on Netflix but Penny Dreadful is an amazing tv show too but it's so underrated... Eva Green is an amazing actress
  5. Congrats for all your work to reopen the best Gaga fan page on the internet
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