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  1. I love the bad romance choreo too, I know most of her dances tbh and I don’t even intentionally try to learn them I just know them from watching sooo many videos all the time 😭😂 I love the choreo in heavy metal lover, the bit she does towards the end after she gets off the bike
  2. Shes so inspiring! My mental health has been upper bad lately but this actually motivated me, thanks for sharing it!
  3. Hiii I’m Emily and from Ireland, I’m only kind of new here but yea this forum >>> stan twitter so thanks to the gaganow team for this 😌
  4. I would love a SC performance but I wonder how they would make that work because bc they would have to pre record it separately, also don’t know why people are still believing twitter “insiders” that say it’s coming😭 this fandom is too gullible🤦‍♀️
  5. I personally looove the album version of Babylon but would like to hear the HL version because that sounds like a bop too! I just hope stan Twitter doesn’t ruin the experience by comparing them if we ever do get to hear it Matt have you heard the alternative version by any chance, or are you just speculating that stan twt will drag it like they do with everything else 😂😭
  6. The way her whole team hate us because of some stupid brainless twitter “stans”
  7. I’m so excited for Gucci!! Really sad about the era being over though I was hoping for atleast a small bit more content :( Also twitter is toxic af rn stan twitter legit the worst thing ever people claiming that they’re gonna unstan even though they were never even a little monster in the first place
  8. I’m from Ireland too!!
  9. Hey is anyone else extremely confused about this era😂 do you think anything else is going to happen or should we just move on already, I just hope she’s okay and staying safe. Also if the chromatica ball doesn’t go ahead this year do y’all think she’ll just cancel it or move it again until early next year when things are safer, I know a lot of artists have moved their performances to early next year instead of cancelling.
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