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  1. I’ve noticed that on many dates of Gaga’s past tours & concerts (especially Joanne World Tour) that fans have managed to hear Gaga’s band and/or Gaga herself soundchecking from outside the venue. Have you ever heard them soundchecking? What songs did you hear? How early did you get there in order to hear it? I’d love to know!
  2. Yes I’m pretty sure it was supposed to come after Poker Face
  3. EXACTLY!!!! Anyways can y’all give me answers or
  4. Hi! I’m making a list of songs that got scrapped from her shows and want to know if anyone knows about any more songs that got scrapped???? Maybe how the arrangements for a few songs went or anything like that? Would definitely help! Here is what I got so far: The Fame Ball Tour 1.0.: Fashion Paparazzi (Acoustic) (if you exclude The Chapel show) The Born This Way Ball 1.0.: Dance in the Dark So Happy I Could Die ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour 1.0.: Brooklyn Nights Aura (Extended Intro) Do What U Want (Full Solo Vers
  5. SECHITO???? IS THAT U???? 😭😭
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